Frequently Asked Questions

How Social Fried Works?

Advertise your profile on our private advertisement network
Delivery Starts as soon as you make the payment
Deliver 100% Genuine Followers, Plays, etc.

Why should I choose Social Fried?
100% Safe payments using PayPal
24x7 Support. 
10 Years + Experience in Social Media Market. 
Best Quality in the Market
5-10 Minutes for the delivery to start
How many Instagram Followers can I buy for the first time?

Actually it depends on you. However, if you're selling something on Instagram or just trying take attention, we advice that you can buy more than 5.000+ for the first time. Since over 5000 followers can make a good impression for your account. First impression is important!

Why do I need to buy followers or likes or etc?

We're living in a social world so everyone tries to take attention in every way. To take attention or selling your products, you need social media services. We are your best supporter on it. We help you to get attention you deserved. We help you to increase your sales!

Buying followers or likes is legal?

Of course. Buying followers or likes for any kind of social media is legal. You can think that it is a digital marketing strategy. When you buy followers or likes, we promote your account with social media ads or etc. It is totally legal and safe. You can buy social media services on Social Fried without any doubt.

When will my support request will be answered?

In most cases, we answer to your ticket within 15 minutes. Our support team is available 24/7 even if its holiday.

Can I take receipt of my purchase?

Sure. We are a legal agency in United States / Delaware. Therefore, you can take a receipt of your order. We send your receipt via e-mail after your order has been approved automatically.

How long can I take delivery for Instagram followers or likes?

We deliver your order instantly. When you purchase any of our products, we process your order instantly. If there is a queue, you can wait maximum 5-10 min to get delivery.

Followers or likes are real?

Absolutely. We do not use fake accounts like any other websites. We only use real & active followers in our packages. All of our services like Instagram followers or Twitter retweets are totally real. You can use our service without any kind of risks.

Do I need to give my password to you?

Never. We do not ask your password because we do not need your password. To process your order, your photo URL or username is enough for us. Please, do not give your password to anyone or any services.

Can I trust you?

Absolutely. We know that you may have bad thoughts about social media services. We're here to break it. Social Fried is a totally legal digital agency in United States. We pay our taxes and you can visit our office at 607 Deemer PL, New Castle DE 19720 any time you want!. Also, you do not need to buy any of our services, you can just come to our office then we can discuss what we can do for you and your account.

Can my social media account be banned?

No way. While you're ordering on for any kind of social media services, we only ask for your username. We never ask your password!. You just give us your username then we complete the order, thats easy. Our developed system protect your account. Your account cannot be banned, make sure about it. In otherwise, we can just send followers to anyone and get banned?, this is not possible.

Is it safe my corporate accounts?

Totally yes. We understand your worries on these kind of services. However, you do not need to worry about it. You will always get the best and safe service from us. You can use our service without any doubt, we promise.

If any problem occurs on my purchase?

If any kind of issues occur in your purchase, you will get a full refund.

Is buying Instagram followers and likes worth my money?

Yes, buying Instagram followers and likes at inexpensive prices is several times worth your money. Most of our customers have reported an incredible increase in brand value, web traffic, and sales after using our real Instagram followers and likes.

Real-looking followers and likes? Wow! Sounds too good to be honest, but are they genuinely real?

Yes, they are genuinely real-looking. Some are regularly active, and some are less active. Many companies/websites advertise with “real followers”. If you try them, you will mostly end up with fake ghost followers.

What is the guarantee that your followers won’t disappear from my profile?

Generally, the permanency of our followers and likes is forever. But, sometimes, due to real people unfollowing, there might be a (small) attrition rate over a period of time. This happens rarely. Don’t worry though, we have a 30-day replacement guarantee (with a limit/cap of 10,000 dropped followers) on our followers, with automatic daily scans and re-deliveries.