What is Black Twitter? The Truth About Black Twitter

What is Black Twitter

Every day around 500 million tweets are posted or Twitter. With more than 1 billion Twitter accounts it falls in the list of top 10 most visited websites in the world. Twitter has become a platform for media, for protest, for news and for sharing real-world views. Compared to other social media websites Twitter is considered as more genuine in terms of authenticating updates from government officials, activities, journalists, etc. It has become a platform for speaking openly on any matter. One of the concepts of which is highly exclusive and controversial that came into existing in early 2010 was Black Twitter. It sounds weird, but it is a real-world model that works on Twitter, and it is ideally dedicated to the black community.

If you want to know more about what is black Twitter? How it is formed? Which is the most prominent account to follow? Then keep reading. You go to dive deeper into the concept of lack of Twitter. What it is and how it came into existence.

What is Black Twitter?

There is no clear data when Black Twitter came into existence. It was assumed that starting from 2008 Black Twitter came into reality. The world started to learn about black Twitter in 2010, and by 2013, there were big issues in discussions openly discussed on this. Twitter is nothing but users of the black community who are actively taking participation in various discussions associated with their people on Twitter. The objective of Black Twitter is to share hashtags associated with various discussions that involved topics of people belonging to the black community.

Black Twitter is a group of Twitter users belonging to the black community who are highly active on associated topics. They follow each other, more actively and retweet by tagging other users. This behavior creates a chain reaction where more users tag other users and carry forward the discussion. In this way, hundreds of users are actively discussing single hashtags, which associated with the black community. This led to a high-density discussion among the people creating influence.

Black Twitter is a kind of a force where a population of common interests participates in a discussion. Here, everyone in the group can understand what is going on and they try to create a broader interaction. Mostly focus on national issues. The objective of Black Twitter to bring crime against the black community in front of the world. It also includes topics associated with their fundamental rights and value. One of the examples that help you to understand what Black Twitter is about the killing of Mike Brown.

Mike Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Within a few minutes. As soon as the killing was reported either witnesses it was shared widely on Twitter with the hashtag of #Ferguson and #MikeBrown. In this way happens and the people around know the best way they can express their views on that is through Twitter. It’s a way of attracting the attention of authorities to fight against what is wrong.

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However, Black Twitter is also a bit controversial and subject to inquiry. Another popular has that got a lot of attention was #BlackLivesMatter. This has to go used against the atrocities of police towards the black community. It was widely shared and created outrage among various people around the globe. Black Twitter is a kind of temporary connection between users of Twitter who share a common culture, language, and interest. Once they came across a specific topic that they think is important. We will keep on sharing to create influence or grab attention.

Black Twitter usually has various levels like a personal community. This is where people are connected and they know each other. This is one of the dimensions where if something happens a person sharing Twitter someone whom he already knows. And in this way, the tweet is shared further with other people creating a chain reaction. News spread faster. On this level. While there is another way where there are individuals who will do it together on common topics.

He will return to the topic and try to create more Twitter on that. For example, they can be something on a controversial speech, ideology or topic of religion. This is managed by a group of individuals with a common interest who will try to attract the interest of more relevant users will love to discuss it.

Types of Topics shared and discussed on Black Twitter?

Black Twitter is not just related to sharing violence against the black community, it also shares a ton of topics visual humor, entertainment, and relatable content. However, the objective of Black Twitter is to bring people from the community to speak of ahead. As you all know social media is massive and to make something viral, there has to be something unique in it. Also if you insist on people to talk about some serious topic, they will ignore you. On such a large platform to keep your topic alive and to grab more attention is required something like Black Twitter. Dedicated to the black community, Black Twitter is just a group of Twitter users who follow a common culture. Other than is closing on the topic of police brutality and violence, the user also shares many things about entertainment and humor.

Black Twitter was the birthplace for many popular hashtags, one of which is #AskRachel. This # was based on Rachel. Dolezal a white woman who had become an advocate for blacks. After telling that she identified herself as a black woman. So it is one of the examples of Black Twitter. How people of common interest and culture come together to discuss important topics.

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So in simple words, Black Twitter is a group of people falling in a common community, the black community. Another hashtag #BlackGirlMagic was highly popular on Black Twitter, which focuses on sharing the accomplishment of black women. So here black Twitter in simple words means the voice of people from the black community. They talk about important social issues that people want to change in their society. The discourse on topics that they want the public to get a value of which includes crime against them, as well as violence.

In simple words, Black Twitter has become the voice of people who use hashtags, and connected users to create awareness. It has become a kind of social force. Black Twitter is an example of what social media can do today. When people of common culture comes online on a single platform. They’re able to turn their voice into force, which will help them to share what is important. The same thing is not possible on regular printer media or TV media because it requires a high influence to reach them. While on social media people can come together and bring out important topics that are usually ignored.

Black Twitter is real and it’s an example of how people of common interest can come together and create a revelation. Usually, a massive amount of Black Twitter tweets consist of jokes and means. This is also a way of sharing and staying connected.

The Power and Influence of Social Media

In the beginning, social media was considered just like an upgraded version of the chat messenger. That means the user was mostly involved in communicating with each other. But as time passed social media turn into a massive platform that can drive a lot of people around the globe.

It has become an important platform to bring necessary topics and to reach people faster than other media. Reposting is one of the behaviors that is done on social media which can turn a regular posting to a viral post. It is being widely used by a group of people to create traction on particular content or a topic. Usually, if you see some movie trailer is launched and shadow social media. It is being like entries posted by many time, it can be r re-shared or retweet it again and again to reach the viral status.

It is also true that social media is unpredictable, not everyone gets a chance to keep their voice in front of the world. One of the best examples you can learn about is the #metoo movement, which took a toll on many popular names. It was a moment is driven by women who were exploited during their careers. The movement was widely discussed through various print media and TV media. It becomes a mode of those who want to speak but they cannot come openly in front of the world. There are many such hashtags on Twitter, shaping the view of this world. This is the power of social media and the way it can influence user is simply limitless.

What matters that it must be used wisely. Black Twitter is a platform for the black community to speak and bring on the topic which is highly important for them. However, on social media. It has also been seen that the government is funding such a website to market lie and portray their candidates powerful and eligible for a ruling. This is where social media becomes a pain and inappropriate. As we say social it is a platform for people. It is a platform for the world to talk and discuss. But influencing and man of letting the minds of the is killing the credibility of many social media platforms.

Facebook was one of those who were charged for the various issue and tagged as digital gangsters. But is this thing stoppable? Can appropriate voice gateway in front of the people and what things required to change.

Everything depends on the people who manage a social media platform, it might be massive, but it is controllable. Social media is an amazing platform for interaction, for entertainment. When it comes to social matter things get serious. When it comes to talking about the community like black Twitter. There are sentiments attached to it. The same applies to religious content, social issues, health, etc, so here it becomes a responsibility for the platform to drive the right content in front of the world.

Black Twitter is in this example to understand how massive social media can become. Here people are sharing details about violence against the black community, which is easily ignored by many. This is where people become unstoppable and bring on more in front of the world. However, it requires a massive population to think in a single way, which is a kind of revolutionary behavior.

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However, social media can be misguiding, so you must check your facts before you react to it. It is being used by spammers to circulate rumors, fake news, and illusion. If you remember there was a lot of thing going on Facebook under the topic vaccination. A lot of parents choose not to vaccinate their children based on assumptions shared on social media. This had the life of children on race, exposing them to various illnesses begin catch at a very early age.

This is where social media has to be highly aggressive in terms of blocking content which is damaging in terms of nature. On the other side, Black Twitter is nothing but a group of people using the common hashtag to share something important. There is no exclusive platform where you can go and see or Twitter does not give any exclusive right to any community. It is open to everyone around the world.

Twitter is an important platform for news media, it has become a pioneering example of how media should work. Many government officials have their own Twitter account interact with people directly. Facebook on the other side holds the social partner’s people love to hang out and share details about their daily life routine.

Now you can understand what Black Twitter is, it is a movement by people of the black community to bring necessary topics in front of the world. However, there are not serious all the time, and a lot of humor and entertainment content going on and shared around the world under the tag of black Twitter. If you want to learn more. Just keep an eye on the hashtags, which are getting popular and associated with the black community. Those hashtags and discussions will be carried forward with people of the same community and cultural background.

Till today Black Twitter has not caused any kind of issue in society. Especially in India social media platform is being used to share rumors that can create riots or disturbance among cultural diversity. But compared to the Black Twitter is a way of people to express.

Use Social Media Responsibly.

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